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Do this pose if you are suffering from cervical spondylosis!

““Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresea, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” –Life’s Little Instruction Book”
Joke of the day

A Really Bad Day
There was this guy at a bar, just looking at his drink. He stays like that for half of an hour.

Then, this big trouble-making truck driver steps next to him, takes the drink from the guy, and just drinks it all down. The poor man starts crying. The truck driver says, “Come on man, I was just joking. Here, I’ll buy you another drink. I just can’t stand to see a man cry.”

"No, it’s not that. This day is the worst of my life. First, I fall asleep, and I go late to my office. My boss, outrageous, fires me. When I leave the building, to my car, I found out it was stolen. The police said that they can do nothing. I get a cab to return home, and when I leave it, I remember I left my wallet and credit cards there. The cab driver just drives away."

"I go home, and when I get there, I find my wife in bed with the gardener. I leave home, and come to this bar. And just when I was thinking about putting an end to my life, you show up and drink my poison."

“Worry a little bit every day and in a lifetime you will lose a couple of years. If something is wrong, fix it if you can. But train yourself not to worry. Worry never fixes anything.”
My Personal Life Story!

I was known as a chubby baby. Being the first child I was pampered by my grandparents. My parents being new to parenthood, were unaware of the nutritional needs of a growing toddler. I was fed with whatever my heart desired. I grew up to be an overweight child, teenager and later as an adult.

Exercise and proper diet was not a part of me for years. I always wondered about the ‘health freaks’ that I called them, thinking why were they so bothered about being slim and healthy all the time? My motto for life a few years back was ‘Eat what you like as life is short’.

During my teenage years, I used to enjoy fast food. At that point of time, I was least bothered about cholesterol, trans fat or saturated fat products. I just went along feeding my body what my heart desired. Being ‘fat’ I did not have a posture and presence of myself and I used to follow the mindset of others. I did not have any purpose in life and I did not even know myself. I always used to question myself for what was my goal in life and what I had to achieve but could I if I was not even aware of my strengths and weaknesses?

In the year of 2008, I weighed almost 90 kg. Then the lightning of pain struck me one day. I started having episodes of terrible left arm pain. It used to get worse especially at nights or just simply when I was in a resting mode. I had no idea what was happening to me. I went for alternative treatments like massages, hot and cold therapy. Nothing seemed to work. One night, I just freaked out! My spine, starting from my neck down to my sitting bone, started to have a burning sensation. Life became miserable and I used to mourn in pain everyday. My last choice was to see a doctor and I was referred to a spine specialist immediately.  After a physical examination, I was advised to go for a spine MRI. The results confirmed that I had cervical and lumbar spondylitis. You had no idea what I was going through. Being only 26, the doctors did not encourage me to have surgery. They believed that by changing my diet and lifestyle, I would be able to control my symptoms.

The biggest question in my mind was ‘will I be able to do it?’ I had did not have any confidence in myself. Unfortunately, the pain and depression made me put on more weight. There came a point of time when my spine could not bear the excessive weight and I started to limp with one leg. A few months down the road, I had to bend over in order to walk. I used to go for acupuncture treatment and various others but everything was unsuccessful. There is a saying that goes ‘help yourself and god will help you.’

One fine morning, I made a decision that I would change my circumstances and come out from this. I started to change my mindset and believed in myself. That was when life started to show me a new direction. I was aware of homeopathy and took the chance to try it out. With the tiny tablets taken daily, I was having lesser pain episodes. With the homeopath’s advice on diet, instead of having three meals a day, I have six smaller meals. There were many sacrifices that I had to make along the way. I have given up a fast food, high cholesterol, saturated and trans fat diet. It also includes white rice, white bread or bakery breads. In short, I do not consume empty calorie food anymore unless I am left with no choice.

At this present moment, my past is just electricity in my mind but if I look back, I am thankful for what I went through. I express gratitude as the pain allowed me to become what I am today. I am now weighing 64kg, I have an in depth knowledge of the nutritional needs of a person and the greatest thing is I have gained my self-confidence. I love myself and living my life to the fullest. Being a human, there are times when turmoil occurs but for me, if I have turned over my life, I can handle any other situations that come along right?



“There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer….
No door that enough love will not open
No gulf that enough love will not bridge,
No wall that enough love will not throw down….
It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble,
How great the mistake,
Sufficient realization of love will resolve it all.
If only you could love enough,
You would be the happiest and most powerful being in the universe.”
— Emmet Fox
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Ninety to One is a daily appointment you make with yourself to spend one hour on Body, Mind, & Spirit each day for 90 days. I’ve made a commitment to at least 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of meditation, and 20 minutes of yoga each day beginning on August 2 to coincide with Vassa, the Theravada rains retreat.

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